Ways on How to Avoid Hidden Dumpster Overage Fees

Generally, the rental quote of an “out the door” dumpster is what you will pay in the end if you’re planning to rent one. But overage fees can also occur in certain situations where it’s over-filled or exceeds the allowance of its weight capacity. 

Fortunately, these extra fees are fully avoidable if you only focus on your responsibility and call the dumpster rental company for their quotation beforehand. It begins by knowing what certain amount of debris and junk is needed to be disposed. With that particular information, it is time that you call about two to three dumpster rental service providers and ask for dumpster rental quotes. Below, we will provide you some tips that will help you make sure that you are not paying more than the out the door price quotation when your final bill arrives. 

Choose the Correct Size of Container 

This is considered as the most important thing to consider. It can be very costly to rent dumpster rental container that’s too small. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to mix bitcoin that you rent a container that’s slightly larger than what you actually think will cater the cleanup process. In a lot of cases, this only costs an additional twenty to fifty dollars compared to the smaller option. However, the good thing is that it can help accommodate greater loading capacity as well as more leeway when the dumpster begins to fill up.  

Aside from that, renting a dumpster that is too small can only lead you to needing another dumpster in order to get the cleanup done. In most cases like this, it is way cheaper to go with a much larger size of container and it can also avoid you to experience hassle and stress. 

Understand the Policies of the Dumpster Rental Company 

Each company has different policies with regards to the overage fees as well as what constitutes an overage. In fact, you can be charged with extra charges for an overweight or overflowing dumpster and for loading items that are highly prohibited.  

You can also avoid hidden charges as well as surprises later on by fully understanding their fine print up front. Furthermore, there are basics that you must bear in mind before you sign a contract with a dumpster rental service provider and these are the following: 

  • The weight allowance of every dumpster 
  • The cost of every dumpster size 
  • The types of junk or debris allowed to be loaded in the containers 
  • The cost per ton when you exceed the weight allowance of a particular dumpster size 

When renting a dumpster for your residential or commercial property, it’s very important that you only trust a reliable dumpster rental company to make sure that the money you will invest during the cleanup process is worth it. If you want to know more tips on how to hire a dumpster correctly, then we highly recommend that you visit a professional and experienced dumpster rental service provider in your area such as dumpster rental Long Beach. 

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